Friday, April 10, 2015

Shop Technicians, Machine Maintenance Technicians, Manufacturing Technicians

ASMO - has job opening for the following positions: JIG Shop Technicians, Machine Maintenance Technicians and Manufacturing Technicians. All positions request CRC and AT scores. Please contact ASMO for the required scores.
Individuals who are interested and/or have not applied at ASMO within the last six-months are asked to contact (send resume) to one of the following individuals:
Teresa Lilley @
Sheila C. Joyner @
Christina Godwin @
Shop Technician Job Summary - Responsible for the maintenance of the press, injection molding and die cast dies by preparing and keeping them operational during production in compliance with the Quality Management System. Also responsible for all machinist, welding and fabrications needs for the entire plant.
Maintenance Technician Job Summary - Accountable for organizing and directing maintenance associates in the repair rebuild, relocation, modification, fabrication and preventative maintenance of all production machines in compliance with the Quality Management System.
Manufacturing Technician Job Summary - To operate technical equipment in order to produce 100% quality parts with a minimum amount of downtime and waste in compliance with the Quality Management System and production requirements.  

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